14:57 | 27 juli, 2017

The White City – Ostuni


Outfit Post 

Ostuni, Italy


Hi guys,


Had the pleasure to visit ”The White City” of Ostuni.

Here is a outfit post from the visit with some of my favorite pieces from

Have got so many questions about the black Givenchy slippers and now they are back in stock!


Links to the products under the last image as usual 



erik forsgren givenchy black slippers sliders


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Saint Laurent T-shirt – (Here)

Givenchy Sandals – (Here)

Saint Laurent Backback – (Here)

12 Responses to “The White City – Ostuni”

    • erikforsgren on

      They are from Levi’s, 501 skinny! Then I’ve made some adjustments at the Levi’s Tailorshop

      Have a great day man

  1. Nico on

    Great Blog! Do you mind to tell me what specific Filter App you use for your pictures? Love that white, grey, minimalistic look of it!

    Thank you!

    • erikforsgren on


      On trips my girlfriend Victoria takes most of the photos. But sometimes it’s for campaigns, then its always different photographers.


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